Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rarities:

There are currently 10 different rarities, these are split into 4 groups.
Claimable Rarities: α -> η
Donation Rarity: φ
Event Rarity: π
Special Rarity: ω


- Only claimable rarities can naturally spawn.
- Donation rarity can be claimed if a donor chooses to spawn one.
- Event rarity (Pi) cards will only be available during Seasonal Events and feature themed fan-art, such as: Halloween, Christmas, etc.
- Special rarity (Omega) cards may only be obtained via interacting with the bot such as: Dungeons, Fishing, Lotteries, etc

Rarity Chart

α: alpha
β: beta
γ: gamma
δ: delta
ε: epsilon
ζ: zeta
η: eta
φ: phi
π: pi
ω: omega