Ramen Bot

Featuring a large selection of handpicked characters from a wide variety of Anime, Manga & Manhwa; add it to your Discord Server now!

Character Spawning

Random characters will spawn in chat on active servers. The quickest player to figure out the name and claim it, keeps it!



Eat Ramen; Get Cards!

Our gacha system, known as Bowlrolls (br for short) is based off of a system used in some Ramen stores in Japan; eat your ramen and at the bottom is some kanji letting you know if you won. We have incorporated this type of system, with each of the three selections providing different rarity pools. Each day the ramen broth changes (prize pools stay the same) so you can learn some Japanese names for types of ramen!


You can trade other players for cards, expand your collection and find them all!



Explore Dungeons!

Our Dungeons system simulates a battle on each floor of the dungeon using your selected card's stats.
All stats are considered; faster speed allowing first turn and potential dodges, etc.
Collect stronger cards to delve deeper into dungeons!
If you have a card you like, you can also reroll existing stats using our stat reroll system!

There are a lot more activities than just Dungeons planned and they all tie into each other, so keep your eyes peeled.

About Ramen Bot

This bot has a big future ahead of it with each character handpicked and a 5 man team. We have a large number of updates coming out just around the corner. Keep your dials tuned as there's plenty of exciting stuff to come!