Suggest a series, character, or feature you'd like added to our bot!
You can also use the command r.suggest to see the links to both series and character suggestions.

Got an idea for a new feature?

If you have any ideas for a new feature to be added to the bot you will need to join our discord server and submit it there.

Join our Discord Server

How do I submit a suggestion?

Clicking this link will take you to our Google Form where you are required to fill information for your suggestion.

Series Suggestion Form

What about Character suggestions?

If you've notitced that we have a series and not a character from the series, you can use the link below to suggest them.

Character Suggestion Form

How long will it take for my suggestion to be added?

We receive a lot of user suggestions and add them as quickly as humanly possible.
We all have jobs/lives outside of Ramen-bot so sometimes there may be a week or so delay before it is added.
We are currently working on our massive backlog of suggestions from when our tool was down so expect some extended delays during this time.

Series Suggestions List