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How to setup Ramen-bot:

  1. Invite Ramen-bot to your server (my default prefix is r.): Invite Ramen-bot

  2. Set the spawn channel using: setspawn / ss
    Example: r.setspawn #general

  3. Set a custom prefix using: setprefix / sp
    Example: r.setprefix .

  4. After completing the above 3 steps (skip step 3 if you wish to use the default prefix), you will find that characters will now spawn off of messages!


Characters not spawning?

  • Ensure that you have allowed Ramen-bot permissions to read channels that actively have messages sent.
  • Ramen-bot does not spawn off a timer, but rather from your messages.

Experiencing a bug?

  • Please ensure that you record the steps taken to trigger the bug and report it in our Official Discord.
  • If the bug you are experiencing is of serious nature, please report it to a staff member as soon as possible.
  • All serious exploits / bug reported will be rewarded if they haven't already been reported.
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